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Lexi – Children

Lexi – Children

I enjoy my job being a Photographer so much!  We really love what we do when we get to spend time visiting with kids who are on their best behavior and running around in party clothes. It’s a great life. We spent some studio time with little Lexi – aged 3.

Lexi came to us accompanied by her mom and grandma and ready to take charge of our studio. She presented herself as an inquisitive and bright little girl as soon as I opened the door to let her and her family in the door. The first words out of her mouth were to ask me, “Where is the camera man?” What a smart little girl! Mom and grandma had obviously spent some time preparing her for the experience of having a photo session.

Lexi spent a few minutes getting comfortable with us while exploring our studio and initially opted to stick close to her mom. Once she had seen everything of interest, her mom partially hid behind a wall partition, and despite her attachment to her mom, she did a phenomenal job listening to my direction as I guided her through the shoot. While I give easy-to-follow directions, like “Hug your knee…now touch your cheek to your knee…and turn this way and look up”, the directions are still not easy for people to act on while looking natural. Lexi, however, did a great job. She was super cute.

Lexi’s mom and grandmother did a fabulous job of bringing several complete outfits for her to change into throughout the shoot. Her mom also brought some really fun and beautiful props that really took the whimsical nature of her finished photos to another level. I’m in love with the photos that have Lexi in her pink angel wings! I think because Lexi’s demeanor is so angelic and her face is so expressive, she already reminds me of an angel – with the addition of the wings, it’s undeniable. The balloons and GIANT lollipop were also a hit with her. Props like toys, dolls, or other ‘found’ objects really help kids relax and look more natural in front of the camera. I have to say that I also love the contrast between the blue outfits and the pink wings and balloons throughout the photos. While putting little girls in blue isn’t anything new, I think the colour gives a really fresh look to Lexi’s complexion and eye colour. This was definitely one of our most adorable shoots.


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Kim Boudoir Photography

Kim – Boudoir

Kim – Boudoir

It’s coming up on Valentine’s Day! We get to see lots of people in love in front of our cameras. Sometimes however, the best sessions turn out to be for those people who love who they are when they are single too! Check out Kim’s boudoir shoot, and read about why she chose to book with us. Kim booked the shoot for herself – her magazine-quality photo results were to be a gift for her and her alone since she’s not currently seeing anyone. At our studio, we happen to agree with her philosophy. All our clients are happy with the quality and professionalism of the services that we provide, but the ones that are truly satisfied are the people that are making time to have a session for themselves. There’s always a celebratory and empowering vibe when we get to shoot someone who has come to us like Kim has. Expressing yourself in your own way as a gift to yourself in a photo session is fulfilling.

I always feel SO flattered when our clients trust us enough to do nude sessions with us. Our focus is always on their comfort and the elegance of the images Of course, where would we be without clients like Kim? From their perspective, it’s not easy to be naked in front of strangers – even professionals! And before you ask – it’s winter in Edmonton…of course we keep the studio nice and warm! 🙂

I was so glad that Kim ordered an album from us. I always love designing the albums for our clients – it’s one of my favourite jobs as the Creative Director at our studio! – so I take a lot of time making sure that the aesthetics and mood of the photo session are carried over into the printed photo groupings and album styling. From a value perspective, it’s always great value to get an album printed when you have a photography session. While an album certainly costs more, the cost is by no means prohibitive, and it puts your session on display where you can enjoy it for years (…unless of course you had your photo taken in order to decorate the inside of your hard drive?).

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Kim Boudoir Photos

Kim Boudoir Photoshoot

Boudoir Pics - Kim

Photos - boudoir - kim

Oksana – Maternity

I think you’ll agree that one of the best compliments is when a fellow professional thinks highly enough of your work to book your services for themselves. Recently we were honored to photograph a fellow photographer, Oksana, and her husband Ryan for their maternity session. At the time of the session, Oksana was 8 months along with their first child. She was positively glowing as she spent time with us and her husband in our studio. In addition to being extremely photogenic, Oksana’s eyes really communicate with the camera – she’s a natural model. She and her husband are also extremely nice people!Her creativity really shone through in her choice of outfits and especially in her subtle ‘gender reveal’ with the blue ribbon around her baby bump! I loved the variety of her wardrobe choices (my two favorites were the bright and form-fitting shirt, and the grey dress, which provided a lovely contrast against her blonde hair). We wish you all the best in the months ahead, Oksana!Oksana was kind enough to tell us what she liked best about her experience with us for her maternity shoot:

“Chris and Kim are amazing at what they do. Very well organized, incredibly professional and make you feel very comfortable. Kimber sure knows her poses; she doesn’t even hesitate before suggesting the next one. She has a way of making you look natural and sexy at the same time. Kind of challenging since I was 8 months pregnant! Chris is amazing with his lighting and capturing that twinkle in your eyes that makes the photographs look absolutely stunning. There’s no one quite like them and I couldn’t be more pleased! Thank you for capturing the most precious time of our lives.”

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Having the pleasure to photograph this couple was all the more reason to produce truly stunning photos – after all, we had Oksana to impress! Visit her site to see more of her work at

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Boudoir Photography

Sizzling Samantha – Boudoir

Samantha – Boudoir PhotographyWe are so pleased to kick off blog posting on our site with a recap of a fantastically edgy boudoir session with Samantha. She booked this shoot for herself as a celebration of her most recent birthday and we totally see why!  She’s an empowered and empowering lady who is proud of her presence.  As you may have guessed, Samantha is a celebrated tattoo artist and appreciates artistry on the human body…I must have caught myself openly admiring the artistry of her tattoo sleeve five or six times!  Using her body to convey her personal style and charisma is something that Samantha feels comfortable with – we noticed right away that she’s confident showing the world that she is both the artist and the subject.  In this way, I think the arts of tattooing and photography aren’t so different after all.  As well as being extremely photogenic, Samantha was so relaxed and confident during her session that I recommended to her that she could be a professional model!  It’s so clear that she knows exactly who she is and how she presents herself to the world.  It isn’t easy to maintain Samantha’s look of smouldering elegance while all sorts of distracting photographic and lighting elements are taking place around you, but the photos speak for themselves.  As much photographing people ‘au natural’ seems to be the going trend, the reality is that an in-studio photography session is shot in-studio in order to have the convenience (and distraction) of all the equipment and props at our disposal but nothing fazed Samantha, not even our Great Dane puppy Hercules.  She even requested that he join her for a time in front of the camera!

Notice how a different outfit seems to allow different facets of Samantha’s personality to come forward?  With her dark hair, we really love how she looks in red lingerie and lipstick to match – although the polka dots give her sort of a coquettish air.  Her face is so expressive that you can see different mood elements through the progression of the shoot. I always advise that our clients bring too MANY clothes to a boudoir session – better too many choices than not enough!I think the difference of booking professional boudoir portraiture speaks for itself.  While Chris and I hope to photograph Samantha again (we had fun!), she’ll have these photo-mementos of an especially empowering and beautiful time in her life.  One of the themes that we see in photography is that life carries us so quickly through the years – it’s important to do like Sam did and take time to honour yourself.Do you have professional photos of yourself taken regularly?  If so, what gives you the itch to book another session?  If you’ve never booked a professional photography session (boudoir or otherwise!) what life event would convince you to do so?  Tell us in the comments or let us know by email at kimber@chrisbernardphotography.comCheck out more of Sam’s work at and visit our facebook page at to see some more moments from our shoot.

Always with thanks to HMUA: Lily Le Makeup Artistry

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