Kim Boudoir Photography

Kim – Boudoir

Kim – Boudoir

It’s coming up on Valentine’s Day! We get to see lots of people in love in front of our cameras. Sometimes however, the best sessions turn out to be for those people who love who they are when they are single too! Check out Kim’s boudoir shoot, and read about why she chose to book with us. Kim booked the shoot for herself – her magazine-quality photo results were to be a gift for her and her alone since she’s not currently seeing anyone. At our studio, we happen to agree with her philosophy. All our clients are happy with the quality and professionalism of the services that we provide, but the ones that are truly satisfied are the people that are making time to have a session for themselves. There’s always a celebratory and empowering vibe when we get to shoot someone who has come to us like Kim has. Expressing yourself in your own way as a gift to yourself in a photo session is fulfilling.

I always feel SO flattered when our clients trust us enough to do nude sessions with us. Our focus is always on their comfort and the elegance of the images Of course, where would we be without clients like Kim? From their perspective, it’s not easy to be naked in front of strangers – even professionals! And before you ask – it’s winter in Edmonton…of course we keep the studio nice and warm! 🙂

I was so glad that Kim ordered an album from us. I always love designing the albums for our clients – it’s one of my favourite jobs as the Creative Director at our studio! – so I take a lot of time making sure that the aesthetics and mood of the photo session are carried over into the printed photo groupings and album styling. From a value perspective, it’s always great value to get an album printed when you have a photography session. While an album certainly costs more, the cost is by no means prohibitive, and it puts your session on display where you can enjoy it for years (…unless of course you had your photo taken in order to decorate the inside of your hard drive?).

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Kim Boudoir Photoshoot

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