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Marlene – Boudoir

Marlene – Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

Just a moment ! Hey, are you saying that a Boudoir photo shoot is only possible for a young woman or for models. Think again, this middle aged beauty may just change your mind. This was our experience during our Boudoir photo shoot with this beautiful lady.

57 year old Marlene, carried herself elegantly and confidently during the entire photo session with us. Can you believe it? I hope I look this smoking hot at 57! It was sheer pleasure for Chris and I to work with Marlene. Her relaxed, confident manner allowed us to capture her chic and refined beauty and her candid personality till the very end. Marlene was utterly sensual, yet care free. Also, her pixie-cut perfectly complimented her overall look and personality. I remember her enthusiasm arriving to her session was notable starting with the stylish, and elegant outfits that she took the time to put together which underscored her fit physique. This look gave her a kind of sultry, yet stylish flair which worked very well for her Boudoir session. Although her wardrobe and look was great, the most essential component she had brought to the shoot was her open minded, easygoing attitude. This is the foremost thing for all clients to remember, just to simply allow themselves to have fun. I’m sure her initial hour that she spent with Lily having her hair and make up done helped her relax and get ready for her session with us, and in the end, her hair and makeup was stunning and complimented her.

Personally, I feel that every woman should experience a Boudoir photography session and own their very own fine art portraits to treasure forever. Whether you are a younger or older woman, a Boudoir session is not only a possible gift for that special someone, it is first and foremost a gift to yourself.

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